Jason (kill_mtv) wrote in lunacy_tutorial,

Welcome to Lunacy Tutorial

After a long break, lunacy_tutorial and lunacy_graphics are finally back! Still ran by the same two people, Jason and Amelia, we are here trying to get everything going strong again.

We love graphics, and we love helping people who need some tips on how to get the right effects and such because- well, we’ve been there too! So we created this community to give members a chance to learn some of our favorite, most-used effects. We also encourage members to suggest new tutorials for us to write by commenting this post.

To view our tutorials, you must, of course, join this community.

Obviously we do not expect you to credit us for these tutorials, but it would be nice if you left a comment to let us know our tutorials were of some help to you. =] If you wanted to be really nice, you could put a promo banner in your info or publicly in your journal. But that isn’t required.

As always, we hope you find this community useful, and if you aren't already a member, go over and join lunacy_graphics for all of your requesting needs. =]

Thanks for checking us out! Refer us to your friends and add us to your resource pages!
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